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Whether you are a real estate professional or a homeowner, let us help you with our affordable staging packaged and/or stand-alone services in Orlando. We will be happy to transform your home into a space that you will enjoy.

As long as you can find your home appealing, then you will be able to attract other people to your home as well. Our staging and design services are unique of excellent quality. There are many home staging companies in Orlando but we have set the standard so high that most of them are not able to keep up with us.

We appreciate every client and we take pride in being able to provide great services. You do not have to be subjected the frustration that goes along with the conventional home selling methods.

​Welcome to our site and we invite you to navigate through and look at our portfolio and we will be glad to give you a free quote for the service that you may need.

What is The Essence Of Staging?

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In the modern real estate industry, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to list a non-staged home on the market. When one goes to buy a home this is an experience that can be quite confusing. Our home stagers Orlando will help you in making your home beautiful and this goes a long way in helping the buyers to make up their mind. Research shows that over 90% of home buyers cannot imagine their home. With our services, we take this imagine a notch higher and we will make your potential buyers feel at home.

We have an incredible team of design professionals. Our sole agenda is to help you sell your home fast and for a great price. Whichever type of home you wish to sell, you need to engage our services and you will be impressed with the results. There are some homes that take months on the market, without selling and this is mainly due the fact that they haven't been staged. We can assure you that our  home staging pros of Orlando are dedicated to making your home get a buyer sooner than later.

What Is Home Staging?

​Staging a property in Florida is an extensive strategy, which is considered to be a way to dress your property, in preparation to sell it. There are many staging companies and each has their own way of doing things. In our case, we will give your home the best face and as such, it will appeal to so many buyers. Not only will the home sell fast, but also at the maximum price on the market.

Each home is different and only staging and design experts can be able to showcase the different aspects of the home. Our process is quite dynamic and comprehensive as we will do all that it takes to be able to make your home look warmer and inviting to the best buyers. In essence, Orlando staging companies provoke the imagination of the buyer and influence their decision, to your advantage.

Our Services

​We are one of the staging companies Orlando that have  extensive experience in  different aspects of staging services, markets and situations. As such, each of our services is carefully thought out. We have different services and we try to accommodate all our clients, by offering services with a personalized touch. Our main services include:

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Vacant Home Staging

Our specialty is styling vacant staging homes and we are able to boost your open house. We will go the whole way from selecting the furniture and furnishing as well as accenting décor. We are keen to ensure that your home shows on top of the listings that are made. You can rest assured that when we stage your home, it will perform far much better than the others that are on the market. We understand how competition works and as such, we will prepare your home such that you will beat your competitors and sell your home.

We know that there are homes that have been sitting for a long time without selling. We do not want to be one of these people and this is why we will do whatever it takes to have your home attract buyers and amazing offers fast. Selling an empty room can quite difficult as most people are not able to tell what would be the right style for the empty house. Allow us to solve this problem, with our empty house staging services.

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Occupied Staging

When your home is occupied, we can still stage it and this has become an affordable option for most homeowners. We will work with what you have and our design pros will come to your home and reorganize. In most cases, this is a process where we will clean, de-clutter and rearrange your home so as to make it look presentable. We will look at the furnishings and accessories that you have in your home and see what you can use. The essence of occupied staging is to help make your home appealing to potential buyers.

With our occupied styling services, you will transform your home into a great showplace. We have an inventory that has many items and these can be used for staging your home. When you contact us, we will have one of our experts come to your home. This is the initial consultation, which will help up determine which would be the best approach to take.

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Interior Design & Redesign Services

You may have a very beautiful home, but since you listed it on the market, it has been just sitting. How about a few touchups through our interior design and redesign services? This could make the whole difference as well be able to redecorate your home and improve the interiors. Redesigning is one of the ways through which you can have your home sell easily. We will use what you already own and rearrange it in an appealing way.

In most cases, we make use of what you have in your home, so as to save you the cost of buying or renting other items. We will move around your furniture and reconfigure how your furnishings are arranged and this creates a new look. This may appear to be a simple task, but the impact is quite impressive.

We offer personalized staging and furniture rental packages assured to perfectly suit your needs and goals. Contact us and we will discuss the specific one that suits you in the best way. Remember that our intention is to see to it that your home gets tons of offers, as soon as you list it. 

Home Staging Pros Orlando

We understand that staging and furniture rental  is one of the crucial parts of selling a home. As such, we offer affordable and customized staging services to the residents of Orlando. We have professional stagers who are willing and happy to help you from the beginning to the end of the process. Our services are designed to market your home for sale and we will see to it that it sells in a few days. The way we package your home, it will attract some lucrative offers and sell for the highest price.

Your home should not be stuck on the market for a long time. The only reason why this would happen is when buyers lack and emotional connection. Our  services are meant to create this connection and this is how will sell a house ASAP. You need to ensure that your home creates an unforgettable first impression. Dress your home and consider this to be an investment and you will be able to get the rewards in a short while. Contact us right away as there is no home that we think to be too big or too small for our professionals.

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

How Our Home Stagers Can Help You

We fully understand the property market and we know what homebuyers are looking for. We have staged all manner of homes that you can think of and have seen them selling in less than a month. Our  property staging services are ideal even for small apartments, as well the largest homes in this region. Our skilled stages will be able to unearth the amazing traits of your home and you will be shocked at the number of people who will show interest in buying the house.

Our mission is to ensure that the presentation communicates the true value of the property to the buyers. We use furniture and other accessories, like art and decorative items to ensure that every room is in its perfect condition. Take a look at our portfolio to understand what we do and also get firsthand information.

Make A Lasting Impression

The world has really changed and you will have a hard time if you just list your home and expect to sell. Buyers are keen to see the value of the home and this is the only time they will make a decision to buy your home. Let us help you sell your house fast with our Orlando staging services. Get in touch with us now to learn more and get a free quote.

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