Occupied Home Staging

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Still living in your home while selling it, but getting no offers? Try our Occupied Staging service!

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Ever wondered how you would be able to sell your house while you are still living in it? Actually, have you ever wondered how you can have your house home staged while your belongings are still in it? Occupied home staging is the answer to both those questions.

Occupied staging is simply styling a house while the owner still lives in it. This situation is normally brought about by either the owner not having any storage for their belongings, their waiting for a close of sale on their next property or even choosing to wait till the house is bought in order to move.

In such a case, all we do is clear out anything that seems too personal like photographs, family heirlooms and trophies. Then we remove anything that seems like clutter, like old seats, books, old candle holders and so on. If cleaning is necessary, we have it done as well. Clean rooms work well as they do not carry any funny odors with them. We then hand pick the most useful pieces and make use of these to stage the selected rooms.

This is how we are able to transform your occupied home and prepare it for the market. It is important that you note that we touch nothing without running the ideas through the owner first. And our team is one that is dedicated to perfection, therefore ensuring that you get the best that occupied home staging pros can offer. Alternatively, you can try our re-design consultation which offers interior remodeling consulting as well in order to increase the value of the home.