Re-Design Staging Consultation

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Ready to re-design your home for an increased quality of life or to sell?

It is interesting what new things can be created from the old. It is much like a dying rose gaining water and coming to life again, blossoming to open new buds. This is basically what we do with the re-design staging consultation option.

As the name suggests, remodeling defines taking something that is already done and giving it a new structure. In the case of styling a property for sale, this defines taking an already designed room and tweaking the design just enough to entice potential buyers.

This could entail adding details like a coat of paint, cleaning the carpets and rugs to bring out their best, replacing bulbs and even bulb holders, de-cluttering the rooms chosen for staging as well as doing any repairs that may be needed. We advise on what may be best to do and use in order to cover the house in the best light in the buyer’s eyes. So much as the owner may not feel the full brunt of paying for a full vacant home staging, they will cover the small cost that may come up from this.

At the end of the day, the reason why many opt for this kind of stage to sell services is the price. It cuts down so much on what one could have potentially paid with all furnitures rented. Being the best home staging Orlando that we are, we ensure that the owner does not end up spending a lot, even when we know that this may up the value of the home.