Vacant Home Staging

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Staged homes sell 90% faster than vacant homes. How would you like to impress your potential buyers for your first try?

The allure of brick held together and bathed with wood to make a home is quite something. It creates a strong front that offers a shelter that draws you into it as if being held. This is what one sees from a well built and designed home.
However, when it is bare and empty inside, it starts to look like a monstrosity of brick and wood. We come into the picture to soften the feel and turn it into a home.

Vacant home staging describes filling up a vacant home with things that make it feel like a home. At home staging Orlando, we offer you options that are bound to make the cold bricks feel like they belong again and not only belong, but we make them feel warm enough to hold the essence of a home. We achieve this by adding furniture, art, rugs and other homely items into the vacant spaces to give the rooms a purpose.

We work on common spaces like the living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms to ensure that any potential buyer will feel as if they are walking through their future homes. We also add a coat of paint to ensure that the hues used are cool and not too taste specific so they do not cut off a certain demographic in the market.

Being a full makeover, this option tends to be the most costly in practically all staging companies Orlando versus it's alternative occupied staging service. However, it holds the most potential for making a quick sale as it leaves everything in the capable hands of the designers. ​